Hooked on Success?

The leaves softly dropping to the ground remind us that pretty soon we will be closing out another year. 

They remind us that it's time to review our recent achievements and to refresh our plans for the future.

By the end of the year, hopefully it will have been a highly productive one for you full of many positive outcomes. One which you will reflect upon proudly with expectation that things can only get even better. I sincerely hope so! 

If you're hooked on success and are considering returning to school, whether full or part-time, you are invited to join us at exclusive events generously hosted by our partner, the world-renowned, QS World MBA Tour.

Come Network and Meet the World's Top Business Schools:

The QS World MBA Tour is the world's largest series of recruitment and information fairs for business school applicants. On average, over 60,000 MBA candidates register to visit the events around the world every year. 

These events provide an extraordinary opportunity to personally meet with admissions officers and get the answers to all of your MBA questions. 

All of the upcoming QS meetups are described on my Meetup group sites: 

Join any of them to get your "members only free admission" along with the information you will need to pursue a career-boosting degree that could very well mean an exciting and profitable new direction for you! 

To see a complete list of the groups, click here: 


(Membership is both free and easy!)

Do bring plenty of business cards because all of these events offer fantastic networking opportunities. Attend to learn more and to meet valuable new friends who will significantly strengthen your connections.

Wishing you a happy and healthy fall season!

Best regards,

Zorka Kovacevich, 
Meetup Organizer

Zorka is a HubSpot inbound certified marketing professional and owner/organizer of 40+ entrepreneurial Meetup groups helping NYC business owners strategically promote to get more customers. 

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