Live Event: Who's Protecting Your Most Precious Assets? (Trademarks & Your Business)

Who's Protecting Your Most Precious Assets?

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Attend this presentation with expert, trademark legal specialist, Laurie Marshall to find out what it is you're not doing that can cost you more than you can even begin to imagine.

Did you know that trademarks are your most valuable assets?
Are you aware that you must take pro-active steps to ensure that your business, registered domain name and other branding marks are really, legally yours?
That they belong exclusively to you and to no one else, because ignorance about your responsibilities is never a defense in court?

Your Extraordinary Business...
Attending is in your best interest because you've worked hard, invested your time and money to build an extraordinary business! Safe-guarding this requires being smart, on top of your game -- not skipping any critical steps and always making the effort to educate yourself so that you'll have better control over high risk situations.
Protecting our most precious assets is one of those things we, as professionals do because we are inspired by our vision about what kind of business we are growing:

You and your customers both need your business to  last!
As a business owner you share this vision starting with how well you manage your business affairs.
Your customers are hard-won.
One-by-one they became your customers and you do everything possible to keep them coming back and sending their friends and colleagues to you.
Of course, it took a lot of effort and energy to inspire them to do business with you!
More than anything, it also took a lot to build their trust in you which is why they are doing business with you -- they believe you're reliable and that you'll be around for a long, long time.
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Presentation Summary
Did you know that from the very beginning, when a new business name is first being used it is important to determine whether that name is viable?  Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs overlook this crucial step.

This presentation is designed specifically to familiarize you with the trademark process and purpose
For example, without your knowledge, your business name may be already in use, or it may be overly descriptive; or it may contain other "legal weaknesses" which may make it difficult or even impossible to protect it.
  • This presentation will help you understand the risks you're running when you do not do a trademark clearance correctly, AND the benefits of legal protection you will receive from proper trademark registration.

  • Most of all, this presentation will allow you to make intelligent planning decisions for your business so you can sleep better at night knowing that you are doing everything that you should be doing to continue thriving.

Presentation Focus
Ms. Marshall will demystify the trademark process for you by showing you what's involved in protecting your most valuable asset -- your business -- so that you can avoid future risk.
  • So that someday you won't have to face a cease and desist order, lawsuit or be forced to stop using the name, brand and reputation you've worked to build.

Briefly, here's just some of what you will learn:
  • What's a trademark and why is it so important to my business?

  • Isn't my registered website domain name enough protection?

  • What's involved in the trademark process?

  • How do I determine if my trademark is available for use?

  • How do I properly use my trademark?

  • How can I police my trademark? ...and more!
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Who Should Attend and Why?
Anyone who wants to start a business, owns, operates or manages one including entrepeneurs, art-preneurs, solopreneurs, and legal agents or representatives for all business entities.
Artists, and non-profit professionals are urged to attend because creating great art or doing good is not exempt from a need for trademark protection.
The very best reason to attend is because you want to ensure that you keep the customers that belong to you! That you're not building a business that someone else, whether in the near future or ever can take away from you just because you neglected to take this one small step to protect yourself.

About Laurie Marshall

Laurie's practice includes a broad range of intellectual property matters, including international and domestic trademark prosecution, performing and reviewing trademark searches, counseling clients regarding trademark clearance, trademark enforcement, negotiation and drafting of agreements and opposition practice.
She manages Intellectual Property (IP) portfolios for both large and small organizations.

Trademark and Copyright Law

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Company Website

Laurie Marshall, Esq.
TradeMarks The SpotTM
562 West End Avenue, Suite 4A
New York, NY 10024

Tel. 917-566-1003


“Laurie has provided excellent and cost-effective service related to trademarks (searches, registration, guidance, etc.) for me at both the Oakland A's and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Her work is always thorough, speedy and without error. I enjoy working with Laurie and recommend her services without reservation.”
- Chief Legal Officer, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

“Laurie recently provided search and clearance services to my organization and she was knowledgeable, professional and, above all, practical.”
- Vice President & Legal Counsel, Toronto Blue Jays

“I have worked with Laurie Marshall for over 10 years and can absolutely say, she is one of the most thorough, hands-on professionals I have met. When it comes to legal issues, especially trademarks, it is imperative to have someone knowledgeable, experienced and thorough because having something go wrong with your trademark can lead to catastrophic problems with your brand and business. That's why I go to Laurie and her company - she has over 15 years experience and has managed trademarks for major brands and businesses like Major League Baseball. You will be in good hands with Laurie.”
- Brett Hoebel, Founder, Hoebel Fitness & Creator of RevAbs


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