Promotion Solutions

Marketing, Coaching & Consulting. 

Your niche marketing questions expertly answered in-depth by a technology marketing leader, HubSpot certified strategist and professional inbound marketer. 

Zorka Kovacevich received her Inbound Marketing Certification, with "Honors Distinction" for her exceptional proficienty in Inbound Marketing principles and best practices, including: blogging, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), lead conversion, lead nurturing, and closed-loop analysis.

Marketing clients receive focused, one-on-one assistance during coaching sessions which helps them to meet their specific objectives through customized guidance that provides them with consistently superior, actionable information and results. 

This solution is for you if you don't have time for experimentation. You want to set the course and only implementing the best actions aligned to your earning goals, will do. 

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Discovery Series-Marketing For Marketers.

Meet your next customers, in-person with a completely organized for you Discovery Series-Marketing For Marketers ONE YEAR leadership program...INCLUDES: 9 LIVE EVENTS Plus Scripting, Copywriting, Promotion, Social Media with Full Publicity Support. 
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Website, Landing Pages & Blog Design Services.

Designed and written with clear Calls-To-Action to get you the Web Presence you need to build your credibility and generate sales by establishing a loyal buying audience. 
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Meetup Groups Marketing - New Group 6-Month Startup Plan.

This solution is specifically designed for those creative, budget-minded entrepreneurs who recognize that financing limitations doesn't necessarily mean not having the choice to build your business in progressive, reasonable increments despite limited resources.

If you're strapped for both time and cash and want everything done for you so that your hands-on interaction is not required, whatsoever, this 6-Month Plan is absolutely perfect for you. 

This Plan is results-driven with a pain free, low investment entry-point so that you can easily tap into the power of the platform through membership groups for maximum exposure and promotion. 

This is simple, flexible and powerful marketing at its best! Tested and proven to achieve scaling for those who never dreamed it was possible on a modest budget. 

Steady and sure, this strategy stays-the-course because it is completely customized, structured, organized and managed for you to attain a loyal live and on-line audience for your product or service. 

Its strong results are the outcome of first building a solid foundation while methodically using achievement upon achievement to transition into a larger strategy down the road, organically leading to increased brand visibility, more earnings, when the time is right for you; when you're ready. 

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Meetup Groups Advertising & Sponsorship. 

The affordable, direct and effective way to reach 15,000+ targeted Meetup members with your products and services. Incentive-driven promotional campaigns are 100% customized to your goals and budget. 
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