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Digital Producers Meetup Club

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We are about sharing opportunities in marketing, social media, sales, education, self-improvement, design, financial resources and almost everything else which positively impacts our lives and interests.

We are digitally inclined, but embrace the live event as the perfect venue to significantly grow our personalized relationships, and to increase our professional opportunities that improve our careers, business and art.

All digital producers are welcome to join us to share their experiences and to learn about new resources, tools, projects and ideas!

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Zorka Kovacevich
Meetup Networking Organizer


Zorka Marketing + Promotion

HubSpot certified inbound marketing professional specializing in designing, planning and running effective digital, multi-channel, and Meetup campaigns that dramatically decrease the time you spend on promotion so you can focus on lead engagement to increase your subscriptions, sales and a profitable bottom line.

Owner-Organizer of 50+ Meetup business networking groups with over 50,500+ professional members located in New York city.

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