7 Pillars for Successful Digital Marketing in Only 8 Sessions

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7 Pillars for Successful Digital Marketing in Only 8 Sessions!
The 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing™ is a comprehensive framework and a new paradigm for learning and mastering the ever evolving discipline of marketing.
It provides a new prism through which to view strategy, budgeting, execution and analysis of the entire universe of integrated (digital and traditional) marketing ideas, tactics and techniques.
7 Pillars illuminates the entire Internet ecosystem – from Social Media to Website Analytics – and provides a practical methodology for understanding the full spectrum of digital marketing opportunities.
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✔️ You must use this link to Register: http://bit.ly/7PillarsDigialMarketingSuccess
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Who Should Attend? Modern Marketers, of course!
This course is designed specifically for individuals who are looking to expand their Digital Marketing knowledge.
Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or at an advanced level, 7 Pillars will add real value to your Marketing ROI.
This course is NOT for anyone looking to make a quick buck or to gain thousands of Facebook fans overnight!
The 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing is a holistic system that teaches you the value of understanding each Pillar separately along with how each integrates into and relies on the other Pillars within the system.
Power-Packed, Actionable Takeaways!
Digital Strategy entails the creation and articulation of a marketing plan (utilizing one or more Pillars), based on all of the information provided and discovered through the other Modes. 
It requires high-level critical thinking and communication skills to convey the approach effectively to everyone involved in the project.

Content Marketing is a prominent Pillar and works through the other Pillars in a more interdependent manner than any other. 
Content covers all forms of copywriting, including website, blog, social media and online ad copy. 
Photography (both stock and original) is also an important form of content for website properties and video assets for digital usage. 
So we have 1) Text, 2) Audio, 3) Video and 4) Graphical forms of Content.
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✔️ You must use this link to Register: http://bit.ly/7PillarsDigialMarketingSuccess
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. A primary component of Pillar 3 (Search).

Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining visitors to your website or attention through social media channels. 
Social media marketing usually centers on creating content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their connections via social networks.

Web Design refers to the many different skills and disciplines in the production, design and maintenance of websites. 
Heavy interaction with other Pillars is shown here, as these marketing assets take direction from Design’s parallel Traditional Pillar 2 (Branding) and utilize Pillar 1 (Content).

Digital Advertising refers to the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital platforms and technologies to reach and convert leads into customers.

Branding is the differentiation of a company, product or service based on particular qualities, features, aspects or benefits. 
Both a noun and a verb, branding can be used to describe the identity of a company and their products or services. 
It is also the act of visually displaying a company’s logo on something for recognition and differentiation.

Analytics is the statistical analysis of data in order to optimize the performance of a website, marketing campaign etc. and 
ROI is where a Marketing team locks-in its forward-looking goals and associated budgets.
Remember! To see great results, you've got to get great skills! This is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to scale it up with 7 Pillars for Successful Digital Marketing in only 8 sessions! 
✔️ Registrants who use Promo Code "7Pillars" get 60% off. 
✔️ You must use this link to Register: http://bit.ly/7PillarsDigialMarketingSuccess
And, don't forget to grab your exclusive promo code to save 60%.

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Power-Packed Event: She Leads NYC Annual Conference 2016 with 30+ Presenters!

Wells Fargo
150 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017

Event Date: Thursday, October 6, 2016
From 9am-7pm

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 --Zorka Kovacevich, Meetup Networking Organizer
Join us on Thursday, October 6th at Wells Fargo in NYC for the She Leads 2016 annual women’s entrepreneurship and leadership conference.
As a member of my network, I am able to offer you a special discounted rate to attend. The regular ticket price to She Leads is $210, but we’ve been offered preferred attendee tickets at $149 each. A savings of $61.00!
This is an incredible opportunity to learn a lot, network and meet with accomplished women at a high-caliber, all-day event that’s completely designed for and by successful women.
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What is the She Leads 2016 conference all about?
This year’s She Leads 2016 conference brings together an amazing array of women entrepreneurs, leaders, experts and companies for a day-long flagship event that’s focused on what it means to be a leader in business and in life for women, worldwide.
Throughout the day, you will hear from an outstanding all-star lineup of 30+ speakers who will cover topics ranging from entrepreneurship to access to funding to health, podcasting, social justice, positioning yourself for leadership success and more.

Who are the speakers?
This year’s keynote talk will be given by Kelly Hoey, an internationally known and highly-regarded speaker, strategist, & angel investor.
Other speakers include Bethanny Heinrich of Mogul, Anne Bogel of the podcast “What Should I Read Next?,” Kathy Gendel of Gendel Girls’ Breezies on QVC, Jordana Keir of LOLA, Promise Phelon, the CEO TapInfluence, Linda Mahoney of Women Veteran Speakers, Lorine Pendleton of Pipeline Angels, Jennifer Owens of Working Mother Magazine and so many other powerful and successful women!

See the full speaker lineup here: http://bit.ly/SeeSpeakerLineup
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Space is limited. Register now, while spots are available.

Tell me about the agenda
The She Leads 2016 agenda is as diverse as the women who will be in attendance. They have curated an impressive lineup of speakers who will be inviting you to sit back for keynotes and case studies, listen in to intimate fireside chats, and participate in lively panel discussions and interactive sessions.
They've brought back the extremely popular “Pitch the Media” panel where you may be given the opportunity to pitch your business or your expertise to prestigious media from Inc., Forbes, Working Mother Magazine, and Babbler.
Once again, they're also brought back the “Now What?” panel where you may be given the opportunity to get personal, expert advice from a variety of perspectives across legal, angel investing, sales and marketing, executive presence and more.
This panel will allow you to get valuable insight about your business or personal leadership challenges so that you can get to the next level.

See the complete agenda here: http://bit.ly/SeeSpeakerLineup
If you wish to register and save $61, please use our preferred attendee link, here: http://bit.ly/MeetupDiscountRegistrations (Space is limited. Register now, while spots are available.)

What else is happening at She Leads?
There will be ample opportunities to network with other like-minded leaders and entrepreneurs during the networking sessions and at the networking reception at the end of the day.
You’ll also be able to seek out resources from NYC Small Business Services, the WYCA, Breather, LOLA and and see what some very extraordinary women are doing to help raise money and awareness of issues that affect women, families and society on a global basis.

Anything else I need to know?
The evening before the conference, on October 5th, from 5:30 - 8:30PM, She Leads will be hosting a kickoff VIP event for 35-50 women where they will screen the important documentary, created and produced by Erin Bagwell, called Dream, Girl.
The screening will be followed by the opportunity to get to know one another in a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere.
  • If you’d like to attend the prior evening reception, please contact our Host and Organizer, Adrienne Garland directly by emailing her here: Adrienne@sheleadsmedia.com.
  • Please note, there is an incremental cost to attend the Dream, Girl screening kickoff event.

Register now because space is strictly limited to only 250 attendees!
If you have any specific questions related to the conference, please reach out to our Host and Organizer, Adrienne Garland, founder of She Leads Media by emailing her: adrienne@sheleadsmedia.com
"This is an incredible opportunity to learn a lot, network and meet with accomplished women at a high-caliber, all-day event that’s completely designed for and by successful women." 
--Zorka Kovacevich, Meetup Networking Organizer