Brilliant Networkers Have MORE Fun Together! (New York, NY)

Brilliant Networkers Have MORE Fun Together! 
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Location:  New York, NY

Brilliant Networkers Have MORE Fun Together Because We are Fun, Classy and Love to Network!

Become part of a group that brings intelligent, professional, tech lovers, museum enthusiasts, artists, innovators, and adventurous individuals together.

This isn't strictly a networking group!

We enjoy making friends as well as getting together for all types of occasions to attend and participate in great events. 

I hope you'll join us. 

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We'll be very glad to meetup with you!

Zorka Kovacevich
Meetup Organizer

Zorka Marketing Professionals

HubSpot certified inbound marketing professionals specialize in designing, planning and running effective digital, multi-channel, and Meetup campaigns helping business and creatives to grow their sales.

Owner of 48 entrepreneurial Meetup networking groups with over 32,500 active members located in New York city.

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Blow Them Away with Your MBA! | Exclusive FREE Admission to the QS MBA World Tour


The World's Biggest MBA World Tour Returns to NYC on May 2, 2015

Please Join Us at The Qs World MBA Tour 

To Take Place in New York City

The Hilton Hotel in Mid-Town

Saturday, May 2, 2015

To Transform Your Career, Develop Skills, Build Valuable Networks & To

Blow Them Away With Your MBA!

Free Admission

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Come & Get Access To Valuable Scholarships Worth $1.7 Million!

Startup accelerator at Cambridge Judge to host FinTech event This event features top business schools from around the globe to provide you with an excellent opportunity to network with admissions directors and alumni members from well-known universities, including: Harvard, Wharton and Columbia, among many other highly-respected schools.

You Can Attend Any Time Between 12:30pm - 6pm!
HBS alumni survey into gender differencesCome talk with MBA experts from reputable business schools about any of the programs that are of interest to you. 
Bring your friends along to join in for a day of networking with like-minded professionals, education experts and alumni. 

This free admission link is available ONLY to 
readers, friends and my Meetup members!

Schedule of Events
12:30pm - Registration Opens
2:50pm -3:30pm - Panel Discussion - Getting into Business School Presenters: Top Business Schools
3:30pm - Start of the fair 
5:30pm -6:15pm - Alumni Career Panel - hosted by Admit Advantage Presenters: Alumni from Harvard, Wharton, and Columbia
6:00pm - Fair Closes

Watch Video To Get a Mini-Glimpse of the QS World MBA Tour!

You can also view this video on YouTube: 
Length of Video: 1 min. + 15 sec.

Give your career the boost you deserve. What are you waiting for?
Register Here:

This free admission link is available ONLY to 
readers, friends and my Meetup members!

Follow us on Twitter: @TopMBA 

Use #QSMBAtour to join the conversation, get in touch with our team and meet other MBA candidates.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing you there. I hope you can make it and finally give your career the most valuable boost it needs to take-off in the most profitable direction!

Best regards,

Zorka Kovacevich
Marketing + Promotion | Event Organizer

Zorka Marketing + Promotion

HubSpot certified marketing and promotion professional specializing in creating and executing event-based, inbound, and Meetup strategies that dramatically decrease the time you spend on marketing so you can more actively focus on lead nurturing that increases your sales and bottom line earnings.

Founder-Organizer of local Meetup business networking groups with over 32,500 professional members residing in the New York city area.

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This free admission link is available ONLY to 
readers, friends and my Meetup members!

Museum Marketing: Welcome to America’s No. 1 Art Forger Website!

How to Reel in Crowds?

Show Them a Fake Painting!

The 19th-century artist James E. Buttersworth, although a titan in the field of marine art, cannot be described as famous. 

Prized for his exquisitely detailed portraits of racing yachts and clipper ships, he remains unknown to the general public and therefore has limited drawing power.

To overcome this obstacle, the Mariners’ Museum in Newport News, Va., hit on a novel solution for its new exhibition of his work: 

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Toss in a forgery and challenge museum visitors to sniff it out from among the 34 genuine Buttersworth works.

About that ringer: 

Museums and forgeries are natural enemies, and officials at the Mariners’ Museum tiptoed warily around their idea for quite some time before committing to it.

“The museum couldn’t be seen spending money on this and putting it in the collection,” said Lyles Forbes, the museum’s chief curator and the organizer of “B Is for Buttersworth, F Is for Forgery: Solve a Maritime Mystery,” which opened on Saturday.

When it came down to it, he added, he was not even sure how to acquire a forgery.

At this point, help arrived from a man who has agreed to identify himself only as “a friend of the museum.” (Because his name appears as a lender on the wall text of the forged painting, providing it here might give away the secret to visitors).

The friend took on the assignment of securing a forged Buttersworth, which proved to be relatively easy, since, when it comes to bogus Buttersworths, nearly all roads lead to one man: Ken Perenyi.

For years, Mr. Perenyi studied and imitated the work of Buttersworth, turning a tidy profit by selling his paintings to unsuspecting dealers and collectors. He is not shy about this. 

Visitors who click on his website are greeted with the words:

“Welcome to America’s No. 1 Art Forger Website.” 

iShare YOUR Content - - Digital Publishers Helping Each Other!

iShare YOUR Content - - Digital Publishers Helping Each Other!
Join us if you can tomorrow evening at Caffe Dante in the Village for Content & Coffee!
A few of us are getting together to discuss helping each other get more eyeballs on our digital content.
It's the very beginning of what may turn out to be a super opportunity to escalate promotion and visibility for all who want to get involved off-line to build friendships with like-minded people who are willing to help them build their audience, tribe or to get more customers.
All are welcome!
If you can't make it and want to get future invitations, join our (free) membership club.
We're 344 iShare members and growing!
Go here for more info & details:
Event Location: New York, NY


Produced by Zorka Kovacevich Marketing

Certified marketing and promotion professional specializing in event-based, inbound, and strategies.

Founder-Organizer of over 40+ New York city entrepreneurial groups with over 20K members. 

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Digital Producers Meetup Club - Now Accepting New Members (Free Registration)

Digital Producers Meetup Club

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Join us with ONE EASY Click. All Profile Questions Are Optional!

We are about sharing opportunities in marketing, social media, sales, education, self-improvement, design, financial resources and almost everything else which positively impacts our lives and interests.

We are digitally inclined, but embrace the live event as the perfect venue to significantly grow our personalized relationships, and to increase our professional opportunities that improve our careers, business and art.

All digital producers are welcome to join us to share their experiences and to learn about new resources, tools, projects and ideas!

Click here to join.

I hope to meetup soon! 

Zorka Kovacevich, Meetup Organizer

Zorka is a HubSpot certified inbound marketing professional and owner/organizer of 45+ entrepreneurial Meetup groups helping NYC business owners strategically promote to get more customers. 

Owner of 48 entrepreneurial Meetup networking groups with over 32,500 active members located in New York city.

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Hooked on Success?

The leaves softly dropping to the ground remind us that pretty soon we will be closing out another year. 

They remind us that it's time to review our recent achievements and to refresh our plans for the future.

By the end of the year, hopefully it will have been a highly productive one for you full of many positive outcomes. One which you will reflect upon proudly with expectation that things can only get even better. I sincerely hope so! 

If you're hooked on success and are considering returning to school, whether full or part-time, you are invited to join us at exclusive events generously hosted by our partner, the world-renowned, QS World MBA Tour.

Come Network and Meet the World's Top Business Schools:

The QS World MBA Tour is the world's largest series of recruitment and information fairs for business school applicants. On average, over 60,000 MBA candidates register to visit the events around the world every year. 

These events provide an extraordinary opportunity to personally meet with admissions officers and get the answers to all of your MBA questions. 

All of the upcoming QS meetups are described on my Meetup group sites: 

Join any of them to get your "members only free admission" along with the information you will need to pursue a career-boosting degree that could very well mean an exciting and profitable new direction for you! 

To see a complete list of the groups, click here:

(Membership is both free and easy!)

Do bring plenty of business cards because all of these events offer fantastic networking opportunities. Attend to learn more and to meet valuable new friends who will significantly strengthen your connections.

Wishing you a happy and healthy fall season!

Best regards,

Zorka Kovacevich, 
Meetup Organizer

Zorka is a HubSpot inbound certified marketing professional and owner/organizer of 40+ entrepreneurial Meetup groups helping NYC business owners strategically promote to get more customers. 

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