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Zorka Kovacevich
Recipient of HubSpot
Marketing Honors Distinction Badge

Hi Zorka,

I hope you're doing well! I am emailing to let you know that Inbound Marketing University has created a new badge to honor Certified Professionals who are at the top of their class!

The Honors Distinction badge is awarded to the top 15% of exam takers who have received a score of 90% or higher. This special badge has been retroactively awarded to all graduates within that criteria, so feel free to check out your profile to see if it was awarded to you!

If you'd like the opportunity to retake the exam and raise your grade, feel free to download the Exam Study Kit that includes presenter slides, a study guide, an iTunes podcast and more. Anyone can give the exam another shot after waiting 30 days from their previous attempt.

To students who have not yet taken the exam, good luck! We hope to award many marketing professionals with this honor.

Good luck and congrats!

Rebecca Corliss
Inbound Marketer

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Zorka Kovacevich of “Blog A Business Card”

Receives Certification in Inbound Marketing

Aces Exam With A 90% Grade Score

Certification Awarded by Inbound Marketing University Training Program

New York, NY April 1, 2010 – Inbound Marketing University awards the Inbound Marketing Certification to Zorka Kovacevich of “Blog A Business Card” ( as part of its comprehensive Internet marketing training program (

This certification acknowledges Ms. Kovacevich’s proficiency in inbound marketing principles and best practices. These principles include: blogging, search engine optimization, social media, lead conversion, lead nurturing and closed-loop analysis.

"Blog A Business Card", was designed and created by Ms. Kovacevich to be a fully supported web and blog site development, design and maintenance service for small business owners. She has made it possible for thousands of small businesses who are tight on cash and time resources to make their brands visible online for a lot less than $100! Compared to mainstream, traditionally expensive web development prices which cost thousands of dollars to setup, this service is practically free and allows her clients to add to the site a la carte, over time at their own pace*.

Client support for developing and maintaining the site are built into the service. For the outrageously low price of $12 per postings of content up to 500 words, for the first time ever in the history of web design services business owners can experiment and tweak their sites to their heart's delight without losing their shirts in the process. Best of all they don't have to do anything except communicate their wishes by email to Ms. Kovacevich at It's that simple! There's no argument here that she's earned the right to call it “The Easy Web Site!”

Ms. Kovacevich makes it that simple to get a web site or blog with her one-of-a-kind offer that is chock full of benefits to her clients including: “Free Test-Drive Of Your New Site. Everything Is Done For You! Constructed, Designed, Developed And Maintained. Nothing Ever To Learn. An Affordable Way To Get And Keep Your Presence On The Internet. No Obligation To Purchase. No Credit Card Required. Perfect For Entrepreneurs, Mompreneurs, Artists, Small Businesses, Professionals, Bloggers, Social Media Networkers, Marketers, Students, Job Search And e-Commerce Sales.”

Searching the internet for anything like her unparalleled offer makes it obvious that they simply do not exist. When asked how she came to create this service, Ms. Kovacevich said, “Look, nobody is paying attention to the mini-businesses. It's almost as if they didn't exist because their earnings are too low. Startups and emerging companies simply don't have the money to invest in themselves and every dollar is a big deal because they must survive. It's my mission to close that loop for them.

As a small business person you have to find a way to get into the game-- and the only game for selling your services and products today is on the internet. I knew that if I designed a product that was good for my small business that it would also be great for other small businesses as well.

Today, it's a hard fact, if you don't have a web site or blog of your own, you may as well be dead because no one will be able to find you. My "Blog A Business Card" service levels the playing field for the little guy with huge opportunities to build their sites from the ground up and most importantly, inexpensively and fully supported into the future!"

She adds, “Support means doing everything for my clients aside from putting up the sites, writing copy, editing, graphics, social media networking and marketing, providing guidance for do-it-yourselfers-- the entire spectrum of much needed web-based services at prices that make sense when every day is a battle to earn, not spend a dollar.”

Ms. Kovacevich joins an elite group of Inbound Marketing Certified Professionals. In total, 1,300 individuals have successfully passed the IMU program.

To complete the Inbound Marketing Certification, Ms. Kovacevich completed 16 in-depth classes covering each facet of inbound marketing and passed a comprehensive certification exam acing it with a 90% grade score. (View the full list of classes:

The courses are taught by a knowledgeable faculty of professors, including New York Times’ best-selling author Chris Brogan, Google’s Analytics Evangelist Avinash Kaushik, Internet celebrity Gary Vaynerchuk, best-selling author and international speaker David Meerman Scott, and more. (View all professors:

This certification is administered by HubSpot.

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