Marketer, are you yearning to scale your personalization strategy results?

Delivering the customer what they actually want by listening to them is simple in concept, but can pay massive dividends in terms of customer loyalty, competitive advantage, and increased revenue for brands.*

But to determine your payoff in dollars, you've got to measure ROI properly.

That means first deciding what to measure -- engagement, audience growth, and/or revenue-and clearly defining your goals, say the experts.
Your goals with personalization should be to increase sales, average order value, and the lifetime of your customers*
Marketers need to create campaigns triggered by customer behavior, not their best guess.
If your marketing isn't real-time, it's already out-of-date.
You will know your personalization strategy or platform is working if you observe increased loyalty through repeat visits, with increased conversion and engagement.
Learn more about this topic, here: How to Realize ROI From Personalization
*Jess Stephens, CMO, SmartFocus

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