Opportunity to Accelerate Powerful Business Growth in Just 6 Seamless Sessions!

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and eliminate the guess-work out of identifying and mapping your journey to successful implementation with your new Business Growth Action Plan.
This innovative business training program is created by entrepreneurs, instructed by business experts, and designed for existing business owners and leaders who are committed to taking proactive steps to learn and grow their businesses.
At the last session, all participating companies will have an opportunity to present their new Business Growth Action Plan to an expert panel and receive feedback.
Indeed, there will also be plenty of high-caliber networking going on at this groundbreaking workshop series. Join us if you're ready for a  game changer that's designed to provide you with a greater than 10x return on your investment!
Enrollment is capped at 40 participants to support an optimal learning and relationship-building environment with a maximum of two leaders per company.
20-30 companies in total are expected to participate. 
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--Zorka, Meetup Organizer
Business Growth Action Program

Organized and Presented by DK Entrepreneur Academy
Join us for a groundbreaking series of 6-business accelerating half-day workshops hosted by the DK Entrepreneur Academy:
This Business Growth Action Program combines top-flight instruction in a broad curriculum of key business development topics with practical exercises that support each participating company creating their own Business Growth Action Plan.

We'll be bringing it all into focus for increased growth and revenue:
Friday April 7th
Customer Service, Branding, Business Succession Planning, Strategic Alliances, and Business Growth Action Planning
Friday April 21st
Innovation, Creative Marketing, Marketing Execution, Public Speaking & Communications
Friday April 28th 
Strategic Planning, Sales Program, Talent Management, Leveraging Media
Saturday May 6th
Growth Funding, Leadership & Creating a Winning Culture, Generating Additional Revenue Streams, Intellectual Property
Friday May 12th
Cash Flow Tips to Ensure Success, Business Process Automation, Cybersecurity, M&A
Saturday May 20th
Participating companies will present their new Business Growth Action Plans to an expert panel and receive feedback:
In addition to presentations and evaluations of Business Growth Action Plans, the session will include networking and a Success Luncheon. 
Families of participating company members are invited to this final session and luncheon.
20-30 companies in total are expected to participate. 
Don't wait, register now while spots are still available, here: 
DK Entrepreneur Academy was co-founded by Jack Killion and Matt Douglas
Their unique Business Growth Action Program (BGAP) is sponsored by Brach Eichler and Citrin Cooperman. 
The 17 member BGAP Faculty are all successful business founders and leaders who are domain experts in the courses they teach. 

Jack Killion, Co-Founder, DK Entrepreneur Academy
Jack Killion is a serial entrepreneur who has launched and grown eight highly successful businesses after leaving corporate life and consulting with McKinsey & Company early in his career. 
Jack has evaluated thousands of emerging businesses and advised other entrepreneurs on strategic business development, funding and M&A. 
His businesses all operated for years and were in diverse industries: publishing, manufacturing, real estate development, agriculture, hedge fund investing, career coaching and online education. 
He has a B.S. Mechanical Engineering from Yale University and an M.S. from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Matt Douglas,  Co-Founder, DK Entrepreneur Academy
Matt Douglas is an operations executive who led teams at two tech startups that exceeded $250M in sales. 
He later led global operating teams at multi-billion dollar companies Andrew and Avaya. 
Earlier in his career, Matt was a management consultant to Fortune 500 clients with Cap Gemini and Deloitte Consulting. 
As an entrepreneur, Matt started and grew a LearningRx franchise business into the most profitable unit in the country before selling it in 2015. 
Matt has a B.S. Industrial Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Vanderbilt University.
Join us if you're ready for a  game changer!
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DK Entrepreneur Academy Instructors include:
Tom Bergeron, Editor, NJBIZ, News Media
Monique de Maio, Founder, ondemandCMO, Marketing
Raj Gadre, Founder, Kennovation-Services, Business Technology
Richard Gearhart, Founder, Gearhart Law, Intellectual Property
Jeff Harmon, Founder, Brilliance Within Leadership Coaching 
Jonathan Killion, Managing Director, Carl Marks Advisors,Talent
Rob Kleeger, Founder, Digital4nx Group, Cybersecurity
Mike Kresch, Founder, Kresch & Partners, Branding
Michael Napolitano, Partner, Citrin Cooperman, Finance 
Ray Palombi, Owner, Capital Business Solutions, M&A
David Postolski, Partner, Gearhart Law, Intellectual Property
Anthony Rainone, Partner, Brach Eichler, Business Succession
David Rosen, Founder, TechX Foundry, Innovation
Richard Shapiro, Founder, The Center for Client Retention
Cal Thomas, Vice President, Sandler Sales, Sales
Vincent Velasquez, Founder, Media Cutlet, Digital Marketing
Sims Wyeth, Founder, Sims Wyeth & Co., Public Speaking

Workshop attendees:
Joining us will be owners and senior leaders of companies with annual revenues up to $20 million, who are committed to driving the profitable growth of their businesses. 
Recently, business owners and leaders from diverse industries attended the March 4th Business Growth Launch Session. These are just some examples of the diversity of business owners and leaders attracted to this program for accelerated business growth training:
--- specialty chemical
--- organic food ingredient wholesaler
--- public relations & marketing communications
--- managed IT services provider
--- manufacturer's representative of water products
--- mixed martial arts gym
--- real estate development
--- restaurant supplier
--- professional association, and 
--- telecommunications service provider 
The Business Growth Action Program (BGAP) is a terrific opportunity to meet and share thinking with other business owners and leaders as well as with the Faculty and Sponsors. 
Every session includes refreshments and huge opportunities for relationship building with other participants and staff, along with practical exercises and instruction on networking tips for business leaders to drive growth.
Enrollment is capped at 40 participants.
Don't wait, register now while spots are still available, here: