Poutsch.com, The Bloggers Toolbox Receives Coveted Award From The Mayor's Office, "The Made in NY" Campaign!

Wonderful news for wonderful French import, tech startup, Poutsch.com who I am delighted to assist with event promotion has just now been awarded, "The Made in NY - Mark of Distinction” by the Mayor's Office.

This privledge is awarded only to those digital companies that base at least 75% of their development within the five boroughs and have at minimum 10,000 users.

If you would like to find out about our upcoming event, meet the Poutsch founders, and learn about this remarkably engaging, free website/blog owner's Interactive toolbox, you can read more here:


Also, here's a link to the official list of "Distinctive" NYC Digital Companies published by the Mayor's Office which is in the process of getting updated, to which Poutsch shall be added: http://wearemadeinny.com/made-in-ny-list/

Components of the "Made In NY" initiative, include:

* Benefits and programs to help startups grow in New York City

* Citywide awareness campaign with an estimated reach of over 150 million impressions in digital media and at outdoor locations including subways and buses, featuring images of a diverse range of local startups

* Connecting New Yorkers to digital jobs and celebrating the sector

* For students, seniors and novices to access free and low cost digital education training, and information on how to get involved in the local technology community; more: http://wearemadeinny.com/about/

Please join me and extend your hearty congratulations to Poutsch for this milestone achievement!

Connect with Poutsch

Email Contact for Poutsch Founders:
  • Melchior Schöller (CEO): melchior@poutsch.com
  • Etienne Adriaenssen (CTO): etienne@poutsch.com
  • Felix Winckler (COO): felix@poutsch.com

I welcome your questions, and hope this is helpful to you.

Zorka Kovacevich