Zorka's Favorite Business Cards from Zazzle

Do You Zazzle?

If not, you need a business card from Zazzle.com that will make them remember you.

Below are some of my favorite designs. There's tons more -- just follow the links and chose to zazzle them at your next networking event!

Zazzle Transparency

This is a compensated sponsor offer. 

What that means is that this promotion is offered to you because Zazzle.com has compensated me for promoting their business by showing my favorite business card designs which they sell. 

What that also means is that I would not publish anything on my site unless I actually loved it and believed that this is a high quality, valuable business card design and printing service which I am using and am pleased to recommend to you. 

Any questions, please feel free to email me: Zorka@MarketingForMarketers.com.

retro dentist business card
retro dentist business card


  1. Cute and captivating designs for plastic business cards that inspires me a lot....

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