A Radical Approach to Networking for Art-Preneurs, Art Lovers & Collectors

Contemporary Art Lovers Gather at Caffe Dante for an Afternoon Meetup

Please leave your technology at home! Dante's is all about live engagement. No laptops allowed! Conversation encouraged.

The perfect networking setting for contemporary art lovers, our Caffe Dante Afternoon Meetup will start at 2pm and ends whenever we wish. The ambiance in the place is terrific and highly conducive for great conversation at this authentic Italian cafe which has been in the Village since 1915 serving poets, artists, actors, bohemians, beatniks, playwrights and more currently hipsters, students, tourists and locals their delicious espresso brew.

Forget about Starbucks! The coffees at Dante's are out of this world and alcoholic beverages along with real Italian pastries and sodas are also available from their huge menu selection. Reasonably priced and one of my most favorite hangouts for meetings; business and social.

My regular: Steamed Machiato in a glass! Consistently delicious and extra foamy just the way I like it.
This historical venue is a favorite with famous ghosts and living celebrities including Alec Baldwin, Whoppi Goldberg, Al Pacino, Robert Deniro, Jerry Seinfeld and most recently spotted going in was poet, singer-songwriter, Patti Smith.

Dante's faces Bob Dylan's former townhouse (No. 94) where the renowned, celebrity-stalker, A.J. Weberman persistently made off with the Dylan family's trash in search of collectibles and which apparently, from what I recall led to a fistfight between him and Dylan down the block on Houston Street.

A.J. Weberman happily digging through Bob Dylan's trash.

Hope you can make it! This should be a fun and relaxed way for us to meet each other, talk a bit about the New York art scene, share stories about our favorite artists, upcoming shows, and get some new adventures rolling!

And, seriously, this is their policy... Please leave your technology at home and join us for this radical approach to networking where electronics are not allowed. That's a good thing because the old-fashioned way of building social and business relationships through interaction, engagement and conversation actually works!

Organizer Fee: $5 (With On-line RSVP)
$8 (Cash at Meetup - Seating NOT guaranteed)
Maximum Attendees Invited: 15 

At the cafe, separate checks will be issued for each member's order.
Please note that it is required that all attendees order something to drink or eat during this event at their own expense.

The Organizer Fee is applied only toward event promotion expenses incurred by the Organizer.
Please tip the hardworking waitstaff generously with a minimum of at least 20%.

Thank you.
Zorka Kovacevich
Meetup/Networking Organizer

Milk foam covered finger from a glass of Latte Macchiato"I've been going to Caffe Dante and drinking cappuccinos with my friends for five years. It's where Bob Dylan used to go, and I know all the waitresses, who have been following my career. I really love it here because it's right where Dylan used to live, and there's a real spirit here that I'm always down for."
--Matt White, Musician

Milk foam covered finger from a glass of Latte Macchiato"I've been going to Caffe Dante for over 20 years. In the beginning, I even worked there for a while; a short commute from my apartment down the block on MacDougal Street. In those days, before they expanded the size of the cafe they had a live mandolin player, a musician named Sebastian, and 99% of the customers ordered in Italian which I didn't speak.

Decades later I'm still hooked on their Steamed Machiato and hanging out with friends at Dante's."

--Zorka Kovacevich, Certified Marketing Pro

When & Where To RSVP: 
February 15, 2013 @2pm

Caffe Dante
79 MacDougal Street
(Between Bleecker & Houston Streets)
New York City