Post-Hurricane Sandy: A Last Word For The Forgotten People of Staten Island

THE LAST WORD "Sandy's Wrath On Staten Island"

The residents of New York City's best-kept secret are suffering in Sandy's wake. Staten Island doesn't normally ask for attention, but now it needs it.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell makes the case for NYC's forgotten islanders in the Rewrite:

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Staten Island is home to the Notre Dame Club of Staten Island which over the past 21 years has organized The Bread of Life Drive (BOLD), an annual, one-week food drive for the benefit of local not-for-profit organizations which serve the needy, including people who’ve lost their jobs; senior citizens on fixed incomes; homebound HIV/AIDS patients; victims of domestic abuse; women in need of pregnancy support; the working poor; and the homeless.

Since inception, the Bread of Life Drive on Staten Island has collected more than 860,000 cans, boxes and packages of non-perishable food items – such as soup, vegetables, fruit, pasta, cereal, tuna, peanut butter and baby formula.

To learn more about how to support their remarkable work, go here: Notre Dame Club of Staten Island