Learn Digital Marketing

Learn Digital Marketing From a Marketing & Advertising Agency Owner

Here's the most thorough, 1-on-1 study course available to train to become a Digital Marketer:

By completing this course you will acquire the most up-to-date skills and will know how to market products, services and build successful marketing campaigns.


The focus of the course is designed to be all about YOU! 

This is FULLY-CUSTOMIZED, 1-on-1, PRIVATE TRAINING based on your personal, professional goals. Whether your purpose is to grow more clients for your business or transition into a new career -- both of which require digital marketing skills and knowledge.

During training you will skip the traditional classroom and textbook assignments, and start working on real clients and projects in real time to help grow their business.

And, if you already own a business or want to develop your digital footprint with personal branding we customize all training assignments based upon what you need to know in order to become highly-visible on the web.

Upon completion, you will own a portfolio of REAL EXAMPLES OF YOUR RESULTS and ACHIEVEMENTS that will prove your expertise learned by working on ACTUAL REAL-LIFE PROJECTS. 

Add them and use them for years to come. Put them on your resume, social profiles, blogs, advertisements and anywhere else to highlight and display your skills because you will have earned the right to do so!

A CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT stating your expertise in the form of an e-Badge will be awarded to all students who fully complete the course.

You will learn from a HubSpot certified professional INBOUND MARKETING (awarded "License With Honors Distinction") and promotion expert. Your instructor is an agency owner and has 25 years' experience and will help you to easily achieve clarity and make sense of the multiple roles in which digital marketing, sales, advertising and web analytics play in today's Internet-based business world. 

Client work includes organizing, marketing and promoting events for industry leaders such as Google.com, as well as promotional campaigns with some of the hottest startups located in New York city and Europe.  


Flexible day, evening and weekend training sessions are available. Training may be held in-person, via phone, Skype, Google Hangouts or through other media. 

Your assigned work-study project is customized based on your availability and goals.

Between sessions you will be able to connect with your instructor with your most urgent questions by phone, text, email or other media.


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