Flyers: Low-Budget, No Budget Promotion Advice For Successful Event Attendance

This important marketing question was posed on Linkedin by member, Monica Dahl, an independent associate with LegalShield in the Reno, Nevada area who is looking to maximize attendance at her upcoming presentation event:

"If I give out about 300 flyers in my complex to come to a one hour presentation how many people do you think will show up? I will have a raffle and some refreshments."

Obviously, it's impossible to answer this question without knowing all the facts that are part of Monica's planning, resources and goals for this event. Still, if you're faced with a small budget and need to do some prospecting to make more connections for your business, flyers can be a very handy tool.

Flyer marketing is widely used by all levels of marketers. Flyers that are well designed and precisely targeted can and do result in big sales. Think of all the various types of businesses which use flyers. It seems that everyone from your local supermarket to events held at Madison Square Garden rely on them in some shape or form.

Sure, most of them end up in the trash. But, it's the ones that are held on to that you're after because they represent your most interested and best prospective customer.

Here's my advice to Monica about using flyers with minimum effort for maximum results:

 ...if "time is of the essence" and you're unable to personally meet a large enough number of your neighbors, here's something you can consider doing:

Plan a simple, focused, mini-campaign that consistently keeps your invitation in front of your prospects. You can achieve this by distributing flyers at pre-scheduled intervals leading up to the event date. 

Something like three to four days apart usually works well for me.

If you do this you will get a lot mileage through word-of-mouth because people will talk more often about your event and will try to find out more about who you are from each other.

Keep in mind to pay special attention to primary places where neighbors interact. 

These are usually common areas of any residential complex. Face-to-face distribution is powerful and will greatly help to make your event a success. But, by hanging your flyers in elevators, laundry rooms and anywhere else where the residents are likely to meet and speak works very well, based on my experience to accelerate interest through word-of-mouth.

Let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy!

P.S. If you do hang flyers go for great results by including tear-off information tags at the bottom of the page and watch the RSVPs climb!