The Best and Fastest Way To Promote Yourself, Win Friends and Grow Your Business!

You Are Invited To Improve -- Your Life!

On Wednesday, August 8th, "Coach Hof" (Certified Master Business Coach, Mark Hofmaier) will be presenting at the corporate offices of

"Learn Effective Networking: The Best and Fastest Way To Promote Yourself, Win Friends and Grow Your Business!"

Remember this old joke?

"How do you get to Carnegie Hall? ...Practice, practice, practice!"

Sounds silly? Corny, but true because this very same principle of hard work and dedication applies to beefing up your networking skills!

If you're serious about your professional goals and want to stand out, compete and evolve into a leader in your niche you have to work for it just like any great artist creating their art. Passion, persistence, and knowledge are all wonderful qualities, but without practice, let's face it you're not very likely to pay off that stack of bills.

To achieve the success you're dreaming of you must practice to learn effective live networking skills. Practice will help you to build solid life relationships the right way to protect yourself from failure.

The crucial question, of course is what should YOU practice?

To help you, at this networking workshop, professional speaker and sales performance "Coach Hof" will "team-up" with you to perfect your “pitch”, improve your listening skills, and make you irresistibly attractive to potential clients.

As an attendee you will learn new, highly-practical solutions that you can immediately put into practice to begin getting exactly the results you want from your investment in live networking.

Eventbrite - Promote Yourself, Win Friends & Grow Your Business!

Here's 5 solid reasons to attend this fun, intensive and informative workshop:
  1. You're feeling "networked-out," disappointed -- basically bummed out because attending live events simply isn't paying off considering the time and energy you've been putting into them

  2. It's too draining, in fact, downright demoralizing and in order to survive and thrive you must have faster and better results (bills have a way of piling up)

  3. You're sick and tired of showing up and then painfully struggling to make a connection with others; your efforts to create genuine relationships or start real conversations seem to go absolutely nowhere

  4. After events you're confused, disgusted or over-whelmned and wondering what the heck to do with that stack of business cards you collected and why you bothered to go at all!

  5. You need the practice .... and this networking event gives you the chance to immediately test and begin honing your new live networking skills!

If any of the above describes your situation, you must stop wasting precious opportunities that may never come again.

Join us to improve your life by making changes to your networking style, and:

Learn Effective Live Networking:
The Best and Fastest Way To Promote Yourself, Win Friends and Grow Your Business!

Eventbrite - Promote Yourself, Win Friends & Grow Your Business!

This short session with "Coach Hof" is designed to restore your faith in your abilities to generate more business deals! By participating in his fun, interactive workshop/discussion you will learn exactly how to extract the best out of any live networking event.

You will learn how to expertly control and turn-around any business prospect through creative exercises that will build your self-esteem and confidence by reducing and eliminating typical networking frustrations.

Enjoy Live Social Networking With Your Peers, Colleagues and Other Meetup Members; Pitching: Pitch Us! We Love Hearing How We Can Do Business Together!
PLUS, Interactive Learning Presentation By Coach Hof;
With TWO Raffles, Courtesy Snacks & Name Tags

***Raffle Drawing Prizes***

First Drawing:
A lucky winner will receive a FREE -- $150.00 value, one-on-one professional coaching session with Coach Hof!

Second Drawing:
Win a FREE 1-year all-access membership on which entitles the winner and 2 friends to create your very own SMART dynamic resume/personal branding page with over 24 amazing features and benefits. (A $270.00 value! Promo code will be provided to the winner by


Bring Your PITCH!
Bring Your Business Cards to Share and enter TWO Raffle Drawings!
AND, Most of All Bring Your Dedication to Improve Your Life By Learning How to Effectively Network to Grow Your Business


Eventbrite - Promote Yourself, Win Friends & Grow Your Business!


All tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis and available only depending on the number of RSVPs received.

The Organizer reserves the right to decline any RSVPs if the response to this event is over-booked at any time.

Coach Hof's Passion Is Self-Improvement And Changing Inhibiting Belief Systems

A Certified Master Business Coach, motivator, speaker and presenter his expertise lies in sales performance coaching. He helps his clients to increase their productivity, improve overall job performance, and reach their earnings potential.

Coach Hof has recruited for the Katharine Gibbs Business College; wrote and taught a curriculum of job search skills at Career Blazers; was corporate trainer for Exec-Comm; Director of Education and Training at Repechage the world renowned skin care company, and was sales trainer for Sleepys, and Healthfirst.

Visit Coach Hof's Website:

Contact Coach Hof: Bridging The Gap Between Talent and Opportunity

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Eventbrite - Promote Yourself, Win Friends & Grow Your Business!