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After what seems like a ridiculously endless winter, I don’t know about you, but I always feel a surge of inspiration to do more for me!
Especially when it comes to those areas that that are on top of my list which I know will actually improve the quality of what I do with my time. Like meeting new people, or having more great experiences and most of all creating some fabulous memories.
With this in mind, and to help all of us kick-ass as we kick-off summer I’ve arranged for my Meetup members and readers of this blog an extra-special Sponsorship with TalentJungle-- where fun and curiosity flourish and thrive, side-by-side!
I love what TalentJungle stands for because it’s in complete alignment with my core reasons for joining Meetup in the first place.
They have such a vast number of unique experiences to try out! All while hanging out with like-minded people.
It seems, no matter whatever your interests happen to be, whether it’s dumpling making or film editing they’ll have something you’ve always wanted to learn to do, or would enjoy doing in the company of good people instead of alone!
Their generous sponsorship makes everyone of us eligible to receive a $20 Discount off from any of their amazing workshops by entering our exclusive promo code: MeetupZorka”.
Remember: ENTER the sponsored promo code:MeetupZorka and SAVE $20!
It’s nice too, that all of TalentJungle’s workshops have a 24-hour refund policy. If you can’t make it, simply cancel within 24-hours and you’ll get a full refund.

Sneak Preview for the Ladies + Bring a friend along for FREE!!

Ladies: Join TalentJungle to explore a month-long lineup of health and beauty workshops hosted by Makeup Pro at their exclusive WeWork location at 69 Charlton Street in New York city's SOHO.
SNEAK PREVIEW: The Taylor Swift Makeup Look is coming up on Saturday, July 2nd, 1-4pm:
Get Taylor Swift's look from her iconic cat eye to the perfectly defined lips and everything in between.  
If TalentJungle has captured your imagination, as it has mine and thousands of others, and you decide to join, please remember to use our exclusive promo code “MeetupZorka”.
Don't forget to ENTER the sponsored promo code: MeetupZorka and SAVE $20!
I hope that you'll like this sponsored opportunity to explore TalentJungle, save some cash, and have the best summer ever--all while meeting up with some really very nice people!
Best regards, Zorka


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