Companies, Take a Chance on New Grads... Please?

I should start off by telling you I was a bit weary to write this piece because I didn't want to come off as whiny or desperate, but I feel that is important to be honest about the situation I find myself and many others in.

How many times have you heard the fact that many young people can't find work in their field after graduation? It's become a regular topic in the news and sadly, at my dinner table.

Three years ago I completed a four-year program that allowed me to graduate with both a degree and diploma. It was a solution to the problem I had heard about (university students having to attend college to get hands on skills, and vice versa for college students to get a degree).

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With that being said, can someone please tell me why, three years later, I have yet to land my first "adult" job in my field? ... Click Here to Read the Full Article by: Sarah Robertson, Mental Health Advocate/ Founder of Canadian BFRB Support Network