Come Meet Your 2013 Accountability Success Partner! (ONLY 7 SPOTS LEFT FOR THIS WORKSHOP)

Are you ready to make the rest of 2013 full of amazing, memorable achievements?

Back at the beginning of this New Year, I remember thinking that most of us were going to be paying a whole lot more attention to achieving our most important goals!

Every email I received spoke about how different this year was going to be compared to the last one.

Patterns which make us less than happy! Deep in your core, you know that realistically all of your goals are possible. Attainable. Can be done. Have been done by others. Many others!!!

  • This workshop will ensure that you have someone, for the rest of 2013 who genuinely cares and is always in the wings -- that you will report to on a regularly scheduled basis. 
  • You will be able to strategically move forward, step-by-step with full intent instead of wishful thinking toward your major goals.

Join with us if you can use some help with getting what you want, deserve and desire, AND IF you are open to helping others reach their goals, at the same time.

How everyone was determined to get focused and clear about their resolutions, goals and the actions they needed to take!

Yet, in the last five months, sadly, too many of us have fallen right back into the same old trap of repeating the same old patterns with the same old results.

With almost half the year slipping away, we may be working harder, but it's not bringing us any closer to getting what we need! It seems to be business as usual... which is of course, why everything seems the same.

So what happened to those New Year's resolutions about getting more satisfaction out of life? A better network of good friends? Shifting gears into a major lifestyle change? Getting more customers? A promotion, raise or finally, fully and truly committing to kick-starting that dream business that will free you from the 9-5 grind?

But, you also know that you are the only one who can give yourself the permission to become the spark-plug to creating a better life. That you have to become responsible enough to make the right choices, take the right steps and consistently improve your thought process!

This event is part of a series that is carefully designed to propel you toward reaching your goals for 2013 through personalized, one-on-one accountability.

Plus, for additional reinforcement you will also have the option to access an on-going supportive group of people who deeply care and are motivated to help you get what you want by the end of this year.

On Wednesday, June 5th, come meet your 2013 Accountability Partner and make a bee-line to your success by getting matched up with a dedicated Accountability Partner.

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