About Zorka Kovacevich

Over the past 30 years, my background includes: founder, organizer and producer at a not-for-profit theater arts organization, the Playquest Theater Company, as well as, owner/operator of several service businesses in New York City including Blog A Business Card, Citi-Wide Wordprocessing & Graphics, The Perfect Resume Service.

My current work with "Blog A Business Card" is driven by the grand idea that the Internet is a “level playing field”. Therefore my concentration is primarily to serve small and emerging businesses, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, artists, individuals and organizations who do not have access to hefty marketing budgets.

Typically, they also do not have the time or inclination to acquire necessary skills for managing tech-based DIY projects. In recognition that there is always much to learn:

I endeavor to provide them with low-cost, affordable solutions which free them from these barriers allowing speedier entry and fuller participation in today's social media-based world.

My ongoing, primary goal is to identify and provide hands-on alternative methods and tactics which remove costly marketing hurdles.

By successfully eliminating the need for the usual, unattainable funding and energy-draining learning curves, concrete possibilities for growth of individual autonomy through use of technology are more easily realized.

I do this by designing, building and maintaining simple websites and blogs using the free Google Blogger service. Additionally, by providing easy access without requiring registration, to free on-line social media marketing classes, customized information, tools and resources clients are better able to determine what they need in real time in order make decisions about growing their business, or building an audience for their art.

I strongly believe the Internet belongs to everyone!

...and that the more consumers there are, from all walks of life, the more likely it is that we will end up with better technology and stronger protections guaranteeing fairness and accessibility to the astonishing amount of growing knowledge enabling abundant opportunities for many, not just a select few.